Hannes Hofstetter

Hannes Hofstetter
 was born 1945 in Feldkirch
1964, studies architecture in Stuttgart
1965-70, studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart (Prof. K.R.H. Sonderborg) and at the Academy of Fine Arts Duesseldorf (Prof. Joseph Beuys),studies art history University of Stuttgart
1971, one year movie making in USA
1972, lives in Hamburg
1973 -1998 ,lives and works as an artist in Berlin
1991, assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin
,1995 he get married to his italian wife and they move together 1996 to Piemonte near Saluzzo, Italy
exhibitions (selected)
Haus am Mariannenplatz, Berlin Gallery Steiner, Schloß Babstadt ,Gallery Schoof, Heidelberg, Villa Streccius, Landau
Gallery Schoof, Frankfurt
,Gallery Bollhagen, Worpswede
,Gallery Hulsch, Berlin
,,Art Basel
Gallery Steiner, Schloß Babstadt
Art Basel
,Gallery im Hofmeierhaus, Bremen
,Melodrom, München
Gallery, Van Alom , Berlin
,Gallery im Hofmeierhaus, Bremen
Centro di Cultura e Creatività Arte Contemporanea Cascina Stal Vitale, Osmate (Va), Italia
Centro di Cultura Arte Contemporanea
Cascina Stal Vitale (Va)
,Neue Gesellschaft fuer Bildende Kunst, Berlin Palazzo Lomellini, Carmagnola (Torino),
Galleria "Arte Club", Torino
Galleria "Ai Molini", Portogruaro
Associazione Caleidoscopio, Massarosa (Toscana), Chiostro di San Francesco, Sarzana
Gallery Outpost of Progress, Envie
,San Domenico, Alba (Piemont)
,Museo di Wiesbaden
Galleria "Il Punto di Svolta", Rome
Galleria Rossocinabro Roma, 
Palazzo Albrizzi, Venezia ,Satura Art Gallery, Genova,

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Bildverzeichnis       Elenco Qadri        Paintings 

"Nord Süd I", 2001




Francesco de Bartolomeis in "Arte Oggi": NORD-SUD

In 1997 I was asked to write about Hannes Hofstetter for an exhibition. An opportunity to discover a great artist who, in 1996, left Berlin, chooses to live with Paola in Envie, in the hilly area of the Saluzzo, in nature. The work of art and everyday life, direct contact with a life that the city denies but also very familiar with information technology.
Hannes studied with Beuys but nothing resembles him. He is a painter who is interested in today's problems with realism and passion. For example, the North-South 2001 triptych (230x495cm) realizes what each artist aspires to, the metaphor of life in which personal events are: wandering, changing places and points of view, experiencing situations of nature and the facts of different and opposing men.
In the work space (large, small, internal, external) and time (the present is charged with the past and projected into the future) have strength and lightness, a widespread vitality that opens many paths to the obstinacy of knowing and deepening, of search for guidelines even in what is impossible to explain.
The three sections of the work have no linear succession and do not limit certain physical places but give the meaning of the contradictions of life. Circularity, internal-external passages, transformations, elevation but also insecure rooting in the earth. In the partitions horizontal and vertical rhythms; splendor of gold; depth of the blue and blacks that are joined by clear areas with rare appearances of reds.
The lower part of the triptych has no homogeneity: it is land, rooted but also tangled with rubbish and wrecks, asperities and cracks; the high parts are a counterpoint to their diversity. In the sector of left, solarity and diffused light, warm, openings towards the Mediterranean (South): seas, expanses of fields, profiles of mountains, living geometries that continue with many variations in the central sector. The right wing sector (North) suggests, as an intense experience, the interior of Gothic cathedrals but also sacred woods of Germanic mythology, places of recollection and revelation between shapes that rise in the light.
Variety of things of nature and of man, coexistence of opposites, reversible passages from elevation to rooting, from openings of light to barking: metaphor of life.

"INOUT" 2005
160 x 185 cm



"INOUT I", 2008
140 x 240 cm


"INOUT II", 2008
140 x 240 cm



"Atlantis I", 1988
145 x 220 cm


"Verklärte Nacht",1989

165 x190cm





Preis: 2700,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter Goldrush, 1998 Gold, Blei, Kupfer,Eisen, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand 50 x 70 cm
Preis: 3400,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Ruhende Massen,1999, Blei, Mischtechnik, 60 x 80cm
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Preis: 500,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Mediterranean Reflexion, 1997 Kupfer, Aluminium, Mischtechnik 35x 32 cm
Preis: 2800,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Strasse, 1974, Öl auf Leinwand 80 x 90 cm
Preis: 6400,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Wasser XI, 1980 Öl auf Leinwand 95 x 180 cm
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Preis: 3400,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Schlaflose Nächte III, 1992 Acryl auf Leinwand 140 x 105 cm
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Preis: 4800,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Schlaflose Nächte I, 1982 Acryl auf Leinwand 132 x 202 cm
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Preis: 4400,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Schlaflose Nächte II, 1982 Acryl auf Leinwand 110 x 155 cm
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Preis: 2200,00 EUR
Hannes Hofstetter, Rosen Dornen Kreuz, 2002 Öl und Acryl auf Sperrholz 80 x 80 cm
In den Warenkorb Details

  Wasser II, 1978
Öl auf Leinwand

95 x 100 cm


  "Wasser VI",1978Öl auf Leinwand 80 x 95cm

  Schwimmerin V, 1979
Öl auf Leinwand
170x200 cm

  Wasser XIV, 1980
Öl auf Leinwand
95 x 115cm


80 x 80 cm

" Aurora",2002 
80 x 80 cm

"Rauf und Runter"
60 x 60 cm

  The artcritic Francesco De Bartolomeis: 
There are not only sacral values in the crosses. With a wide typology of variations explores the artist structures, systems of coordinates, realizing symbols of organisation of forms in the space-kosmos. Organisation but not regularity. Sometimes the elements of the cross become fragmented or become signs, which configurate tangle ups, create labyrinths or thorny maze, geometric structures, which are mixing symmetries and assymmetries, cromatic contrasts with tonal passages.


Francesco De Bartolomeis : 

In den Kreuzen nicht nur sakrale Werte. Mittels einer weiten Typologie von Variationen erforscht der Künstler Strukturen, Systeme von Koordinaten, um so Symbole der Organisation der Formen im Raum-Kosmos zu realisieren. 
Organisation aber nicht Regelmässigkeit. Manchmal fragmentieren sich die Elemente des Kreuzes oder werden zu Zeichen, die Verwirkungen ,Verwicklungen konfigurieren, bilden Labyrinte oder sind Dornengewirre, geometrische Konstruktionen, die Symmetrien und Assymmetrien vermischen, chromatische Kontraste mit tonigen Passagen. Das Material: Unter anderem, Pigmente, Gold, Silber, Sand, Sägespäne, Salz.

Francesco De Bartolomeis:

In Croci non soltanto valore sacrale. Attraverso un'ampia tipologia di variazioni l'artista ricerca strutture, sistemi di coordinate così da realizzare simboli di organizzazione di forme nello spazio-cosmo. Organizzazione ma non regolarità. A volte gli elementi della croce si frantumano o diventano segni che configurano intrichi, labirinti o sono grovigli di spine o costruzioni geometriche che mescolano simmetrie e asimmetrie, contrasti cromatici e passaggi tonali. La materia: tra l'altro, pigmenti, oro, argento, sabbia, segatura, sale.
















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